Summer schools
3. Introduction to Data Analysis and Ecosystem Modelling, ICBM, Germany

2. Microbial Oceanography: Complexity & simplicity in microbial ecology, University of Bergen, Norway
1. Marine Ecology and the Earth System, University of Bristol, UK

Transferable Skills 
14. Scientific Publication Workshop with AGU and ASLO Editors, OSM22
13. Leadership in Ocean Science, OSM22
12. Vital Interpersonal Communication Skills, OSM22
11. How to Maximize the Broader Impacts of Your Aquatic Science: Reach More People, Make a Difference, OSM22
10. Blue-cloud Hackathon- Decode the Ocean!, Blue-cloud 

9. Reducing Bias in the Hiring Process, Mandy Levine - GMRI

8. Planning and writing your thesis, Bristol Doctoral College 
7. Intellectual Property Rights: Why do I need to be aware and how it relates to my Doctoral thesis, Bristol Doctoral College 

6. Does my research make sense to you? Plain English for research communications, Bristol Doctoral College
5. Personal impact and confident networking, Bristol Doctoral College
4. Productivity Ninja, Bristol Doctoral College  

3. Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Researchers, Bristol Doctoral College 
2. Abstracts and posters, Bristol Doctoral College 
1. Overleaf Power-up Workshop: Discover the advanced features of Overleaf, Bristol University