SPECTRE (Size PECTrum REading group) is an international group with > 120 participants. The aim of SPECTRE is to bring the size spectrum community closer together by providing a platform where colleagues from different regions can meet and talk about applying the size spectrum theory in aquatic communities.

Starting in February 2021, the group meets virtually once every two/three months to discuss a paper or a general question relevant to the topic. We organize two or three meetings on the same topic to cover different time zones. The meetings are not obligatory, and the participants can join the ones they find interesting.

SPECTRE’s no. 1 rule: “There's no such thing as a stupid question.”

SPECTRE includes members from the whole academic spectrum (undergrads to emeritus) and with different areas of expertise. Additionally, we acknowledge that it can be intimidating to make comments or questions on others’ work, especially when they are present. As in SPECTRE there's no such thing as a stupid question, we hope that people will feel comfortable sharing their thoughts at the meeting.

We use slack as our main communication platform. Please send us an email at spectre.organizer@gmail.com if you want to learn more and/or join SPECTRE.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SPECTRESizeSpe1

Next SPECTRE meeting:

February 2023: TBA 

Previous SPECTRE meetings:

12. November 3, 2022: Project discussion: "LAtitudinal gradients of speCies Richness and bOdy-Size Spectrum in multiple trophic levels and ecosystems (ACROSS)"  (with the ACROSS PIs)
11. September 29, 2022: Kuo et al., 2022: Assesing warming impacts on marine fishes by integrating physiology-guided distribution projections, life-history changes and food web dynamics (with Chi-Yun Kuo)
10. June 23, 2022: Hatton, Heneghan et al., 2021: The global ocean size spectrum from bacteria to whales (with Ian Hatton and Ryan Heneghan). 
9. March 4, 2022: Ocean Science Meeting 2022 session: “ME02 The size structure of aquatic ecosystems: from theory to applications.
8. November 18, 2021: Atkinson et al., 2020: Increasing nutrient stress reduces the efficiency of energy transfer through planktonic size spectra (with Angus Atkinson). 
7. September 16, 2021: Axel Rossberg and Gary Sprules: Domes in size spectra. 
6. August 26, 2021: Mizer discussion 
5. July 1, 2021: Mizer training- session 3
4. June 18, 2021: Mizer training- session 2
3. June 17, 2021: Mizer training- session 1
2. April 15, 2021: Andersen et al., 2020: Size-based theory for fisheries advice (with Ken H. Andersen)
1. February 18, 2021: Welcome to SPECTRE- Introduction meeting