Science Seminars

2020-2021, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
With my colleague Dr. Mackenzie Mazur we organised the following virtual seminars (recordings available upon request): 

18. Dec 15: Dr. Mackenzie Mazur: Evaluating fishery management strategies for New England groundfish under uncertainty.
17. Oct 20: Dr. Hunter Snyder: Managing Arctic Fisheries: How Greenland Achieves Compliance.
16. Sep 15: Prof. Manu Prakash: That Sinking Feeling: Gravity and Its Role in How Life Navigates the Oceans.
15. Aug 25: Dr. Alex Hansell: Reconciling conflicting relative abundance trends by accounting for changing ocean conditions.
14. June 23: Dr. Dorothy Dankel: Transdisciplinary story-telling of recent journeys in marine science & society using “Responsible Research & Innovation” as a research frame.
13. May 19: Dr. Max Lindmark: Understanding the effects of climate warming on food webs via individual-level physiology.
12. April 21: Dr. Robyn Forrest: Have major management changes led to more selective fishing in Canada’s Pacific groundfish fishery?
11. March 17: Prof. Erik van Sebille: Chasing Water: How ocean currents transport plastic and plankton around the globe.
10. Jan 20: Dr. Fi Prowe: Can plankton biomass tell us about the food web? Effects of food web structure in a mesocosm model.

9. Dec 17: Dr. Sam Subbey: Caveats with Exact Computations in Ecological Modeling. 
8. Nov 18: Prof. Daniela Schmidt: Protecting our marine ecosystems – when, where and how?
7. Oct 21: Dr. Chris Lindemann: Investigating the influence of the pelagic microbial foodweb on productivity across different oceanographic regimes: application of the microbial ‘minimum model’.
6. Sep 16: Dr. Doug RachelPredator Loss, Climate Change, and the Fate of a Kelp Forest Ecosystem.
5. Aug 19: Dr. Douglas ZemeckisCooperative Research and Extension Educational Programming to Meet the Needs of Fishing Industry Stakeholders.
4. July 22: Prof. Becca Selden: Fish and Fisheries in Hot Water: effects of climate change on marine social-ecological systems.
3. June 24: Dr. Rubao Ji: Calanus finmarchicus in the Gulf of Maine.
2. May 20: Dr. Lis Henderson: U.S.-origin Atlantic salmon habitat today and tomorrow.
1. April 22: Dr. Neil Banas: How Calanus copepods mediate climate impacts at the Arctic gateways: Modelling life history and energetics along long-distance inflow corridors.

2017- 2018 University of Bristol
I organised a series of open plankton seminars at the University of Bristol:

4. May 22, 2018: Dr Sevrine Sailley: Zooplankton in biogeochemical model: who are they and how to move forward?
3. Dec 5, 2018: Dr Curtis Horne: Body Size Plasticity and Temperature in Arthropods.
2. Jan, 18, 2018: Miss Suzana LelesBiogeography of mixotrophic plankton in the global oceans. 
1. Nov 15, 2017: Prof Kevin FlynnModelling the Plankton- getting it right (or at least not too wrong)