January 2020 – June 2022
Project title: Understanding the impact of warming on the structure and function of marine communities
Funding organisation: National Science Foundation
Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Main methods: use of trait-based models for plankton and fish
Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Pershing

June 2019 – June 2022
Project title: Foraminifera response to Climatic Stress (FORCIS)”
Funding organisation: CESAB Fondation Recherche sur la Biodiversité, Labex OT-Med, INSU
Position: Research scientist 
Main methods: use of a 3-D trait-based model for planktonic foraminifera biogeography

October 2015- August 2019
Project title: “PAst Links in the Evolution of Ocean’s Global ENvIronment and Ecology (PALEOGENiE)”
Funding organisation: European Research Council (ERC-2013-CoG617313)
Position:  PhD research student, University of Bristol, School of Geographical Sciences.
PhD thesis title:” Studying planktonic foraminifera ecology in present and future climate conditions through a mechanistic approach”.
Main methods: trait- based approach, 0D (Python) and 3D (Fortran) ecosystem models
Supervisors: Dr. Fanny Monteiro, Prof. Daniela Schmidt (School of Earth Sciences), Prof. Andy Ridgwell (UoB and University of Riverside, California).

May – July 2015
Project title: “Development of an integrated management system for river basin, coastal and marine zones (KRIPIS)”
Funding organisation: General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Greece. 
Position: Technician in zoobenthos laboratory, Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Aquaculture, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR).
Main methods: Sampling, sorting and taxonomic identification of near bottom zooplankton and benthic species, sediment grain size analysis (granulometry).
Supervisor: Dr. Yolanda Koulouri

October 2012- October 2013
Project title: “Inter-basin exchange in the changing Mediterranean Sea: Impact on the ecosystems in the vicinity of the Straits connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the adjacent Basins (MedEX)”
Funding organisation: MarinERA ERA-NET project
Position: MSc research student, University of Crete, Department of Biology, Institute of Oceanography, HCMR.
Master thesis title: “Study of metazooplankton in the North East Aegean Sea using nets with different mesh size and applying image analysis software”.
Main methods: trait- based approach (size), image analysis (software Image Pro Plus 4) for taxonomic identification of zooplankton abundance and biomass (taxa level).
Supervisor: Dr.  Constantin Frangoulis 

September 2013
Project title: “European Mediterranean Sea Acidification in a changing climate (MedSeA)”
Funding organisation: European Commission
Position: Researcher, participant in mesocosm experiments, Institute of Oceanography, HCMR.
Main methods tools: zooplankton incubation, biomass (dry weight)
Supervisor: Dr. Soultana Zervoudaki

October - December 2010:
Project title: Study of inner Saronikos ecosystem, under the influence of Psittalia sewage treatment plant (PHASE D/802) (2009-2010).
Position: Research Associate, Institute of Oceanography, HCMR.
Main methods tools: sorting and taxonomic identification of zooplankton resting eggs
Supervisor: Dr. Soultana Zervoudaki

October 2009- October 2010
Project title: “Grazing and Production of dominant copepod species in a Coastal Ecosystem of Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Aegean Sea)”.
Position: Bachelor research student, Aegean University, Department of Marine Sciences, Institute of Oceanography, HCMR.
Main methods tools: incubation method, chlorophyll fluorometry, image analysis (image pro plus), taxonomic identification of ciliates (group level).
Supervisor: Dr. Soultana Zervoudaki


June 2015: One-day cruise with the R/V “PHILIA” in Cretan Sea, responsible for collecting benthic samples.

May 2015: Six-days cruise with the R/V “AEGAEO” in Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Ionian Sea, South (Cretan Sea) and North Aegean Sea) responsible for collecting zooplankton samples.

November 2012: Twelve-days cruise with the R/V “PHILIA”, responsible for collecting zooplankton samples in coastal areas of Greece.