February 2020: I had a great time sharing my work on modelling foraminifera’s global distribution under different climate conditions at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego.

January 2020: Very excited for my new Postdoc position at Dr. Andrew Pershing’s Climate Change Ecology Lab, at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute! For the next 2.5 years, Andy and I will be using size-structured trait-based models to understand how temperature influences the ecology of plankton, fish and their interactions.

September 2019: Happy to be a new member of the MIZER community. I learnt so much about modelling fish populations during the “Training and advances in size spectrum modelling” workshop in Lysekil.

August 2019: My PhD journey has come to an end.  
Many thanks to my examiners Prof. Kate Hendry and Prof. Ken H. Andersen for their valuable comments and for making my viva such an amazing experience. 
Special thanks to my supervisors Dr. Fanny Monteiro, Prof. Daniela Schmidt and Prof. Andy Ridgwell for giving me the freedom and support to choose the research questions I wanted to explore, always reminding me to focus on the research which brings butterflies in my stomach. I truly enjoyed my time working with Fanny, Daniela and Andy and I hope we will have the opportunity to collaborate again.
I would also like to thank Dr. Ben Ward and Dr. Jamie Wilson, important scientific members of the PALEOGENiE project, for their support during my PhD.

     (From left to right: Dr. Jamie Wilson, Prof. Ken H Andersen, Dr. Fanny Monteiro)

August 2019: Excited to share my recent work on exploring foraminifera global biogeography with a 3-D trait-based ecosystem model at the 4th trait-based approaches to ocean life workshop. You can find my abstract here

June 2019: Happy to be a member of the FORCIS project, investigating how foraminifera response to climatic stress. More details on the FORCIS website.

April 2019: Our paper by Grigoratou et al.,  "A trait-based modelling approach to planktonic foraminifera ecology" has been published in Biogeosciences.