About me

I am a biological oceanographer focusing on plankton ecology.
Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate, at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Portland, Maine, USA.

Having completed a PhD in marine ecosystem modelling (Bristol University, UK), an MSc in Environmental Biology of Terrestrial Management and Marine Biological Resources (University of Crete, Greece) and a BSc in Marine Sciences (Aegean University, Greece), I have acquired a sound and in-depth knowledge of marine ecosystems.

Plankton ecology under changing climate is my passion, and zooplankton is my area of expertise. Through my research, I discovered the power of combining field, lab and modelling studies to deliver a mechanistic understanding of the ecosystem drivers. My main scientific aim is to answer questions of ecosystem dynamics and carbon flow in a changing environment.

My BSc thesis was focused on copepods ecology in a coastal ecosystem of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Aegean Sea). For my MSc, I used the body size as a trait to estimate the abundance and biomass stock of metazooplankton in the Aegean Sea, as well as a methods’ comparison (stereoscopic, dry weight and image analysis).  For my PhD, I chose to study planktonic foraminifera ecology within a mechanistic framework, using 0-D and 3-D trait-based ecosystem models as my research tool. For my Postdoc project, I use size spectrum trait-based models to explore how temperature influences the ecology of plankton and fish, as well as their trophic interactions. 

You can find my CV here.